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Every one of our Shambala Angels has a different style and flair.
Here we give you a taste of what some of the Blessing Ceremonies can look like.

Every month you will be receiving blessings from a different Shambala Angel so that you get to know all of our beautiful staff.

When watching the Blessing Ceremony videos that our staff has created we feel so incredibly touched. I have had tears in my eyes and I am so happy to be offering this to you and the world.

We all can use a lift right now.

Our staff is so very happy to be able to contribute and do something that insures that we give something beautiful to the world and that they are equally blessed by your monthly donation of EUR20 or 24.95 USD.

It is easy to sign up, just be sure you give us your WhatsApp number or Telegram number and we will send you a video every week, made just for you, with your name in it.

If you want to make sure we get your WhatsApp or Telegram number. right please send us an email to the above email address. 

Please include the name of your country or your country code if you know it.

We can not send any videos to home phones -:)

Sample Blessings

These videos will give you and idea about the Blessings you will receive.

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