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Bali Blessing
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Each Week you can

receive a

Personal Blessing

from Bali

Bali, the Island of the Gods, is known for its many blessing-ceremonies, prayers, and communion with the higher forces, for the good of all.

 Several times per day the Bali people

make offering ceremonies,

in order to keep the harmony

of the inner and outer worlds in balance

Since it looks like no tourists are allowed to come into Indonesia until sometime in 2021,the Shambala staff now has ample time on their hands.

Instead of sending everyone home

as most other hotels have done,

we created a win-win solution,

that will keep 36 families fed,

(instead of facing joblessness and possible starvation),

and bring a magical gift from Bali to you.



Get your personal, weekly


sent to you as a video on your phone.

Prayers and ceremonies

have made Bali famous.

Now you can join us from afar

and have a little magic from Bali

sent right to you,

wherever you are.



With your support

of 20 € per month,

(about $24.95 USD)

you will receive

one  WhatsApp video,

sent directly to your phone each week.


Made with love by one of our Shambala Angel staff,

you will receive a 3 to 4-minute video,

that will support you

in having your prayers fulfilled.

This will be a personal video and blessing done each week just for you.

Bali Blessing2.jpg

From Bali to you,

          across the world!

Let the spirit of Bali touch you.


Bonita H. Yoga Teacher

I just received my first Blessing! It was so deeply touching. I had tears come to my eyes.

Beth S. Manager

I was so touched by the Blessing, that I had tears come to my eyes. I really could feel Bali!

Amoraea Author, Artist, Initiator

It made me very happy, receiving the Blessings!
Thank you for the Blessing video. She is an angel!.
The energy keeps weaving through me.
It was something extraordinary to have such a blessing bestowed onto me.
There was such a presence and attention. 
What a beauty to behold.
I also loved that it was a video made just for me, using my name., with such a presence. 
She felt so pure!
Marion Selke 2018HEADonly.jpg

Marion S. Teacher

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